Patina Lighting

Fluorescent Lighting

Cost Saving Lighting

By implementing Patina Fluorescent Lighting technology, energy savings in the order of 80% will be achieved.  This is a proven percentage saving achieved from historic projects over the past ten years.

Fluorescent lighting has a considerable advantage in energy efficiency over conventional systems and benefits from lamp electronic control gear (ECG).

In the retrofit market a significant opportunity exists in terms of energy saving initiatives by the utilisation of Patina’s innovative lighting technology. The return on investment in Energy Saving Retrofit projects varies considerably from project to project, depending on key influencing factors, namely, utility energy cost per kWh and burning hours.

Combined factors have an influencing effect on the projected energy saving and consequential paybacks of such projects. Typically, the energy saving percentage varies between 70% and 90%, and will depend on factors already mentioned. While these reductions are extremely encouraging, they do not practically justify capital investment without the satisfactory return on the capital employed.

Key influencing factors also pertain to the simplicity of the change-out or retrofit solution, for example, the integrated intelligent lighting technology employed by Patina avoids the need for cable managed lighting control systems.

The minimal nature of the Patina solution allows for a one for one direct replacement or reduced replacement numbers, thereby reducing significantly the labour and installation cost pertaining to
such lighting improvement projects.

Indirect savings also accrue where heating and ventilation systems are employed. Achieving savings as documented, provides for the greatest opportunity for implementing healthy return and investment opportunities.