Patina Lighting

ASDV Series -Fluorescent Lighting

Energy Efficient High Bay Lighting

The patented ASDV range is a versatile replacement for both conventional high-bay and fluorescent lighting. This fitting operates with a 4×55 watt Dali compact fluorescent lamp and is ideal for mountings which are positioned at heights greater than 4.5 metres and/or up to 15 metres.

It is also ideal for operating in damp or dusty environments, or in environments where health and safety regulations stipulate the use of enclosed fittings.

Features & Benefits

  • ASDV 4×55 watt PS
  • Material: Zintec steel powder-coated
  • Narrow and Medium distribution available
  • Optical integrated Dali programmable sensor providing daylight dimming and/or occupancy control
  • Reflectors: patented design in Alanod Miro4 material
  • Removable gear tray; complete with 4 pole Wago Winsta plug and socket
  • Mounting surface model: two M6 eyes supplied
  • Self-locking four-pin lamp holders with quick-release mechanism and stainless steel lamp stabilising clip
  • Diffusers: UV-stabilised polycarbonate
  • Chill / Cold Room version available c/w IP55 glanded entry
  • Photometrics available on request
Emergency Can be fitted with an inverter module with a BLF of 40%
Dimensions 1361mm x 499mm x 135mm
Material 0.6 Zintec Painted to detail
Mounting Suspended by 2 M6 eyes
Reflector Miro 5
Diffuser UV Stabilised Polycarbonate
Connection Wago 4 pole plug
Light Sources 4 x 55W Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Luminous Flux 19200 lumens
Luminaire Efficacy 80 lumens per watt
Colour Rendering 85
Colour Temperature 4000K
Ballast / Driver QTi 2/28-54 Dali Dim
Connected Load 235W
Stand by Power 0
Dimming From 100% To 4%
Power factor 0.9
Photometrics On request
CE Conformity YES