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ESG Policy

Environment, Social & Governance Policy

Patina Lighting Ltd. is an OEM specialising in luminaire design & construction with the environment and energy efficiency at the core of each design.

Patina Lighting Ltd. continues to commit significant resources to the development of highly efficient luminaires and lighting systems which are fully programmable and are capable of generating savings that are up to 90% higher than those achieved by conventional luminaires. We do this with respect to the environment and the world we live in.


  •  Continual investment in R&D with a focus on local manufacturing, lower costs, reducing our impact on the environment and increasing energy efficiencies.
  •  Environmentally friendly manufacturing.
  •  Energy efficient luminaires reducing consumption leading to long term eco-friendly solutions.
  •  Compliance with all environmental laws and regulations is the foundation on which we develop our environmental practices.
  •  Energy efficient lighting solutions using the most advanced technology deliver long term sustainable energy solutions for new build and Demand Side Management (DSM) projects.
  •  Comprehensive understanding of product life cycle and safe use to ensure all benefits are delivered.
  • Patina Lighting Ltd. has received significant recognition due to its ESG programme.



  •  Patina Lighting takes pride in being an Ethical & Equal opportunities employer.
  •  Absolute adherence to Patina’s Health & Safety policy to ensure the protection and the wellbeing of all staff and end users.
  •  Patina Lighting strives for open communications within the company.

Product Integrity:

  •  All Patina Lighting Ltd. products comply with all the relevant EN standards and are independently certified to meet all electrical, EMC and statutory cleanroom requirements in terms of airborne molecular contamination.
  •  Patina utilises the latest technology in our designs and the most advanced components to ensure our products achieve the greatest energy efficiencies and performance possible.
  •  Integrated controls allow product customisation & optimisation achieving enhanced gains.
  •  Patina Lighting is a Product Innovator and Systems Integrator.

Community impact:

  •  Patina Lighting Ltd. strives to source local services & materials throughout our business.
  •  We promote active partnerships at local, national and international levels based on mutual commitment, trust and transparency.


Patina Lighting Ltd. is committed to the design, development, implementation and manufacturing of luminaires with optical efficiencies and integrated controls which impact in a positive way on energy demands, the environment and user experience.

As part of our mission, we are committed to innovating & developing cutting edge, high quality luminaires and delivering to our customers in line with the integrity of our employees, a sustainable solution with our valued customer service.

Policy of The Board of Directors

The board of directors are committed to running the business in a compliant, regulatory fashion and adhering to all financial commitments pertaining to the appropriate conduct of a limited company.

Financial accounting and records are maintained in line with statutory requirements and policed through the professional engagement of external auditors.

Internal account management ensures the appropriate running of the business.

Reviews in accordance with industry best practice are carried out and financial planning embracing all elements of the lighting design and manufacturing activity are conducted regularly.

As part of the board’s execution, records are maintained and are reviewed by all stakeholders.

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