Patina Lighting

Cosmos (EMEA)

High efficiency office / cleanroom LED luminaire

The Cosmos range of LED Luminaires from Patina Lighting offers a high efficiency, deglaring and intelligent alternative to conventional commercial office light sources. Available in a range of sizes, in surface and recessed modules.

Cosmos range of LED Luminaires from Patina Lighting   PIR Detail


LED Characteristics

Light Source : Philips 256 White LEDS Symmetrical Distribution

Colour Temperature : 4000K

Light Colour : 840

Lumen Maintenance : L70B50

Symmetry : Symmetric Distribution

Beam Angle : Horizontal 82° Vertical 83°

Light Emission : Indirect distribution

UGR viewing along longitudinal luminaire access : <20

UGR viewing along lateral luminaire access : <20

MacAdam Ellipses : ≤3 SDCM

Product Features

Patina Lighting reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Images for Illustration purposes only.
Mail us for product specifications. Details accurate as of 1st of May, 2015. *Component datasheets available on request.