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Lufal – LED Lighting

To complement the LED range of luminaires, Patina has launched the Lufal downlighter range of LED technology.

Lufal e1

Patina has developed a unique indirect downlighter which utilises patented technology to reflect light back on to a Miro 20 spherical cone.  The user enjoys extremely high efficiances from the Lufal i-1 using our AIRS reflector technology.

The product is developed utilising 2 no. reflectors, primary and secondary, hence the indirect benefit from the luminaire.    The product delivers in excess of 2000 lumens with 700 milli-amps, being an incredibly efficient luminaire at less than 15W.

The unique downlighter provides a suitable product for the following applications:

  • Atriums
  • Large commercial institutions
  • Banks
  • Corridors
  • Areas requiring high illuminance levels i.e. in an indirect unique fashion

The slim nature of this product also provides suitability for tight spaces, the product being thermally managed, pre-wired and ready for installation with all attachments fitted by Patina without the need for assembly.

Lufal e2

A suitable replacement using LED technology for traditional dichroic and halogen downlighters.  This is a snap in fitting,  simple installation with high bay design, adjustable head, solid aluminium housing in white protected to IP33.

  • Corridors
  • Wardrobes

Lufal e3 10W

Unique downlighter with thermal management using integrated heatsink.  This fitting is ideal for :

  • Corridors
  • Open areas
  • Replacement for typical standard line downlighters

This product is integrated and thermally managed.

Lufal e3 IP65

A recessed downlighter designed for IP65 applications with an extremely low profile.  The product is designed for :

  • Shower / Wet areas where downlighters are required

Lufal e4 15W

A high powered LED module designed for large open areas capable of delivering efficient lumens in an enclosed de-glaring structure.

The recessed luminaire provides excellent aesthetics and is properly thermally managed through the integrated thermal heatsink.

Lufal e5 15W

A high output unit with integrated thermal management designed for large open areas:

  • Stairwells
  • Retail

Features & Benefits

  • A versatile range of downlighters using enclosed optics
  • A range of different diameters available
  • A range of efficacies from 350 lumens to 2200 lumens available
  • Slimline in nature given the heatsinking technology used by Patina
  • High efficiency LED light engines and drivers
  • Reduced glare with user comfort
  • Suitable for most recessed ceiling applications and ideal for retrofit solutions
  • The range will cater for all downlighter applications
  • Ideal for all confined spaces
  • Long life reducing maintenance costs significantly
  LUFAL i-1 LUFAL i-2 LUFAL i-3 10W LUFAL i-3 IP65 LUFAL i-4 15W  LUFAL i-5 15W
Emergency:  BLF 50% BLF 40% BLF 40% BLF 40% BLF 40%  BLF 40%
Dimensions  160mm x 70mm depth 80mm diameter 85mm diameter 110mm diameter 110mm diameter  135mm diameter
Material Heat sink aluminium, LED socket aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium painted White Aluminium painted White Aluminium painted White
Mounting Snap in ceiling mounted device fitted Snap in, spring loaded Snap in ceiling clamping devices Snap in   ceiling clamping devices Snap in ceiling clamping devices  Ceiling clamping devices
Reflector extruded aluminium High brightened aluminium High brightened aluminium High quality enclosed aluminium High quality aluminium  High quality aluminium
Beam angle 90°
Diffuser 0 Opal Opal polycarbonate Opal totally enclosed Opal deglaring diffuser  Opal deglaring diffuser enclosed
Connection  Push in connections Terminates straight into Osram OT driver Terminates straight into light source Dali Driver Terminates directly into light source  Terminates directly into Osram driver
Light sources 12 luxian Plus LX 18 P140-3 Osram LED 10W Osram LED LED light engines Osram LED  Osram LED
Luminous flux 2160 450 lumens per watt 600 350 1000  1450
Luminaire efficacy  120 lumens per watt 90 lumens per watt 70 lumens per wat 60 70 lumens per watt  90 lumens per watt
Colour rendering 85 80 80 80 80  80
Colour Temperature 4000K 3000K 3000K 3000K 3000K  3000K
Ballast/drivers Harvard CL 700D Dali interfacing driver Optronics OTE 9/220 Optotronic OTE9/220 Optotronic OTE9/220 Optotronic OT18/220  Optotronic OT20/220
Connected load 4.5W 4.5 10W 5.5W 15W  15W
Stand by power 0 0 0 0 0  0
Dimming From 100% to 1% No Available on request using Dali dimmable driver Available on request using Dali dimmable driver Available on request using Dali dimmable driver  Available on request using Dali dimmable driver
Power factor 0.98 0.989 0.98 0.98 0.98  0.98
Photometrics On request On request On request On request On request  On request
CE conformity  yes yes yes yes yes yes