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LED Lighting

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LED lighting is the most energy efficient and economically advantageous lighting solution on the market today. LED lighting is a form of digital light and comes with a multitude of benefits. Over the past number of years, Patina has developed an extensive range of innovative LED lighting solutions suitable for a host of applications.

LED has a number of specific advantages over traditional lighting solutions:

1. Long Life

LED lighting technology has changed the lighting industry in the past number of years. The operational lifetime of an LED module is in the region of 100,000 hours depending on design and application.

Patina Lighting’s innovative optics control enables optimum efficiency combined with enhanced user comfort.

2. Energy Efficiency

The utilization of LED Technology in conjunction with advanced optics realises savings in the region of 80% over conventional systems.

3. Durability

LED lights are robust and durable. They are made up of sturdy components that can withstand even the toughest of outdoor weather conditions. LED lights are resistant to shock, vibrations and other extremities that make them the ideal solution for external and outdoor lighting requirements.

The design and structure of the luminaire plays a vital role in ensuring that efficiency and optimum longevity is realised. Luminaire design is key.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lighting does not contain any harsh chemicals such as mercury. LED lights are 100% recyclable and given their long life, they will last up to  times longer than a traditional lamp.

5. Light Dispersement

The Patina LED lighting range is designed and tested to ensure our fixtures deliver light efficiently to an exact location. LED lighting allows you to direct light to a specific location through the use of correct optics and lenses. As a result we can achieve a far higher efficiency than with traditional lighting and meet our clients exact lighting requirements.