Patina Lighting

ASR eLED – LED Lighting

Patina has developed and optimised the ASR eLED with registered design utilising the latest in LED, sensor and optical technology. This innovative product offers the user a technically compliant de-glaring luminaire using high efficacy LED light sources. The de-glaring nature of the structure provides all work spaces with a high degree of uniformity without the inherent discomfort / disability glare often associated with LED modules.

The product is slim in nature and has been designed to accommodate all surface and recessed ceiling structures.

An enhanced design allows the ASR eLED range to be recessed into typical grid type ceilings or suspended using Patina’s high tensile chrome suspension units. The LED light engines from Patina provide a unique optically efficient result which are normally provided in a two LED module configuration.  This can be altered to provide greater efficacies if required.

The product range is versatile and, as part of our standard product portfolio, the following options are available:

  • 600 x 600mm
  • 1200 x 300mm
  • 1200 x 200mm
  • Other designs are available on request, see our Signature Range

The unique ASR eLED incorporates a miniature programmable detector which monitors occupancy and daylight tracking.  To that end, illuminance levels can be tailored using Patina’s remote control non-volatile processes.

The fitting has an extremely high light output ratio and when in a suspended mode provides a 40% batwing distribution in the upper plane and a 60% distribution in the downward plane.  This provides excellent uniformity, illuminating the workspace without shadows or compromised uniformity.


Emergency:  REMOTE BLF 50%
Dimensions 23mm depth x 80mm width
Material Extruded aluminium painted to RAL detail
Mounting Recessed or suspended using wire suspensions provided
Reflector When in use: MIRO 20 AG – not optically coupled
Diffuser LGSP de-glaring diamond polished prism
Connection Plug and play arrangement utilising Patina remote control PSU; 24V SELV utilising 3 pole Wago mini Winsta – Sensor Dali comms utilising RG11; Mains connection by way of 4-pole Wago snap in plug and play arrangement
Light sources Patina linear light engine
Luminous flux 600×600 utilising 2 no. / 4 no. 2000 lumen package
Luminaire efficacy  103 lumens per watt
Colour rendering 85
Colour Temperature 4000K
Ballast/drivers Harvard / Osram Dali dimmable protocol
Connected load 600×600 ASR i-LED utilising 4000 lumen package – 39W;  8000 lumen package available
Stand by power 0
Dimming From 100% to 1%
Power factor 0.989
Photometrics On request
CE conformity  YES