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Patina has committed significant resources and focused efforts over the past 10 years to developing solutions that are practical and technically appropriate for industrial and general lighting installations. We have invested in developing simple plug and play solutions together with optimising the benefits of various light sources, light engines, reflector and Fresnel technologies.

We offer our customers and distributors unique IP protected products which utilise the latest in optical and control technologies. This ensures our customers and end users can avail of the most up to date light source and energy efficiency initiatives available from lighting luminaires and controls in the market today.

All Patina products are fully certified and tested to the highest standards. Research & Development is at the forefront of our company’s future strategy. It is a vital part of our business model and allows us to engage directly with our clients to offer verifiable energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing solutions with a fast turnaround.

Through our European laboratories, we can assess the best light source or optical combinations and prototype such concepts for thermal and technical verification. We also work with clients in a consultative role providing corrective advice on a range on lighting projects where factors such as time, energy, cost and design are of the up most importance.

At Patina we don’t just provide innovative generic light fittings. We work with our clients to design and complete a full analysis of existing and new build criteria, so that we can optimise the utilisation of our products and services.  Our project management teams work to support our clients in ensuring the design criteria, build quality and energy saving initiative, where applicable, is realised.

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