Patina Lighting


Signature – LED Lighting

The Patina Signature range is the first technical de-glaring suspended chandelier utilising OGP de-glaring prismatic technically compliant structure with LST sensor technology. The Signature 400 and 600 utilises Patina’s IP protected PCB 400 and 600 linear SELV PCBs.

Incorporated into Patina’s ASR Range of extruded profiles, the Signature is housed and secured in a hexagonal profile providing excellent thermal management of the structures.  The luminaire is further intelligent and programmable using Patina’s Dali interfacing LST sensor technology.

The unique features provide the user with an uplight/downlight arrangement, 60% down in a Lambertian profile distribution and a batwing 40% upward light.  This results in a completely uniform environment with the highest in optical energy efficiency available.

The Signature 400 provides 4000 lumens with a connected load of 29W and is suitable for small meeting rooms, secure phone booths, corridors etc.

The Signature 600 provides 6000 lumens with a connected load of 41W and is suitable for conference rooms, large office interiors, malls, etc.

The unique structure and design of the Signature Range can also be provided with a complete downward light profile utilising Patina’s highly reflective diffusing back optics.  The unique extrusion is carefully designed so that all PCBs are suitably aligned, protected and remote from any contact with metallic or compromising materials.

In keeping with all Patina’s latest LED unique platform, the Signature Range has been photometrically tested and to that end Patina can provide the user with optically precise calculations for rooms and spaces. The extrusion and profiles can be provided in a range of colours, designs and even printed textures.  This is subject to quantities and availability.

The power supply, comms and SELV supplies are all of a plug and play arrangement.  The fitting is provided suitably packed and protected and marked with Patina’s unique hologram ready for installation with no assembly process required by the user. The product is manufactured to the highest standard, utilising the latest in high efficacy LED/Dali driver technology.

Fully tested and certified, the Patina Signature Range is available for production and supply throughout all markets.

Features & Benefits

  • A slimline aesthetic technical chandelier luminaire IP registered
  • The slimline nature is provided with a unique extrusion
  • Integrated LGPR technology
  • Integrated LST technology
  • Increased energy efficiency saving remote plug and play power supply unit
  • Emergency requirements using remote invertor unit within power supply unit
  • Ideal for all technical applications where suspended luminaires are a prerequisite
  • Light and weight ideal for suspended installations
  • No adherent glare as Patina light engines are mounted in a heatsink and directed within the panel
  • Ideal for scene setting through the programmable LST technology
  • No hard wire installation required – product is ready for installation
  • The power supply unit is prewired and therefore emergency lighting module is merely plugged in, no installation required.
Emergency:  REMOTE BLF 40% REMOTE BLF 40%
Dimensions  Hexagonal 277 in length Hexagonal 450 in length
Material Extruded aluminium painted to detail
Mounting Suspended using Patina’s unique high tensile chrome prefabricated; suspension wires mounted into chrome ceiling rose – Wall mounted, brackets provided
Reflector Optional Miro 20 for 100% DLOR
Diffuser LGSP technical prismatic diamond polished material
Connection  Plug and play into remote Patina power supply control box using – all parts supplied:

  1. RG11 for sensor Dali comms
  2. 2 pole mini Winsta Wago for 24V SELV supply;
  3. 4 pole Wago for plug and mains interface
Light sources 6 no. Patina 5W LG62 linear light engines 6 no. Patina 7.8W LG62 linear light engines
Luminous flux 3600 5760
Luminaire efficacy  108 lumens per watt 132 lumens per watt
Colour rendering Index 85 Index 85
Colour Temperature 4000K 4000K
Ballast/drivers TLL CTAL EX LCAI 35W Dali dim driver TLL CTAL EX LCAI 55W Dali dim driver
Connected load 29 Watts 41 Watts
Stand by power 0 0
Dimming From 100% to 1% From 100% to 1%
Power factor 0.989 0.989
Photometrics available on request Available on request
CE conformity  Yes Yes