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Established in 2002 as a lighting design and manufacturing company, Patina has developed a range of innovative smart lighting technologies that have recognised exclusive intellectual property rights. Specialising in innovation, optical design and energy efficient lighting optimisation, ensures Patina products are much sought after around the globe.

At Patina we work with Indigenous  companies and some of the world’s leading Multinationals across the globe, developing innovative turnkey lighting solutions that offer exceptional energy and cost savings, while also ensuring the optimum lighting environment for any particular situation. Situations might include the working environment, safety requirements, aesthetic requirements, functional needs and much more.  View the Patina Solutions Finder to see our portfolio of work.

We continually develop products that are smarter, more efficient and mechanically appropriate to meet changing market requirements along with ever advancing light sources and optical developments.

We pride ourselves in producing a superior product which is fully tested to ensure our customers benefit from a quality lighting experience together with luminaire and light source longevity.

We consistently review our manufacturing and design processes in order to achieve more competitive and energy efficient solutions through the utilisation of new technologies and materials.

The user should experience and benefit from high efficacy light sources without being subjected to inherent disability or discomfort glare.  To that end, Patina’s modern product portfolio utilises unique means of indirectly providing illumination through our optical processes.

History Heritage

In 1986 a lighting consultancy business was developed which was based on providing consultative and turnkey solutions for multinational businesses throughout Europe and North America.

Through the development of the consultative business, Patina was established in 2002.

This provides Patina with over 30 years’ experience in lighting design and application in such industries as:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Food ingredient
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Amenity

Over the years Patina has been awarded many achievements for our innovative product design and services.

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