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Treax – Fluorescent Lighting

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The TREAX™ Lighting Series was designed as a high efficiency, state of the art replacement for both conventional high-bay and fluorescent lighting installations.

This fitting operates with a multi-wattage, two T5 flourescent lamp configuration and is ideal for mountings which are positioned at heights greater than 4.5 metres and/or up to 15 metres.

Features & Benefits 

  • Operating in damp or dusty environments,
  • Operating in environments where health and safety regulations stipulate the use of enclosed fittings
  • Material: High quality Zintec steel powder-coated.
  • Narrow, Medium and wide photometric distribution available.
  • Optional optical integrated Dali programmable PS sensor providing
  • daylight dimming and/or occupancy control.
  • Reflectors: patented design in high purity Alanod Miro 4 /5 material.
  • No additional lighting control system required, programmed to clients preferred settings via remote control Unit
  • High LOR’s achieved +92%